Fishing Texas Network BIG FISH AWARD Rules


Here you will find the weights of fish in Texas that will qualify you for the ROYAL BOHEMIAN award. These weights are considered to be a starting point and will be subject to slight modifications over time. It is also expected that this list will grow as members of the site expand the horizons of folks. This list is not intended to be all inclusive and species will be added as they are deemed worthy by the majority as represented by a post count in response to a big fish.



The ROYAL BOHEMIAN award will be used to honor an angler for the acheivement of successfully landing a fish that has been agreed upon by the majority of site members as "bigger than usual" fish. It is required that the angler provide a reasonable photograph of the fish -- preferably with angler in the picture -- and a breif (or lengthy) description of how the fish was landed. The final decision to bestow this award is left at the discretion of the nominated "RB Giver". In the absense of the nominated individual, a replacement will be named to carry on the work and insure that all worthy candidates are honored appropriately. Poking and prodding at the designated "RB Giver" is always welcome and may, at times, be neccessary. No shame shall fall upon any individual for reminding those responsible that they are due an award. As with everything else, honesty and fair sportsmanlike conduct is greatly appreciated.


Official Weights

Freshwater Fish

Largemouth Bass -- 5.5 lbs
Smallmouth Bass -- 3.5 lbs
Striped Bass -- 16 lbs
Hybrid Bass -- 9.0 lbs
Sand/White Bass -- 2.5 lbs
Black/White Crappie -- 1.5 lbs
Perch/Goggle Eye -- 0.5 lbs
Channel Catfish -- 7.0 lbs
Blue Catfish -- 18 lbs
Flathead Catfish -- 30 lbs

Saltwater Fish

Speckled Trout -- 4.5 lbs
Redfish -- 12 lbs
Flounder -- 5.0 lbs
King Mackerel -- 20 lbs
Shark -- 5.5 feet
Red Snapper -- 12 lbs