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10/18/02 Cool Water -- Hot Fish

Cooling water in Texas means awesome fishing is abound.  With the falling mercury comes heated action on the water.  It doesn't matter if you are fishing fresh water or salt water, the fishing this time of year is excellent.

Starting off with Texas Coastal fishing, now is the time to catch those bull redfish.  As the cooler temperatures set in -- less cool on the Texas coast -- the redfish start making their runs up and down the beaches.  It doesn't matter if you are fishing from a pier on the Gulf or if you choose to wade out and cast to the monsters.  The redfish will be chasing baitfish around the second or third sandbar and they easy pickings for the angler ready to put in the work.  Live bait works best, but some very nice reds have been landed with half crabs or squid as bait.  Use a heavy sinker to keep your line down and hold on tight.  Circle hooks help to provide the best hookups without letting the fish swallow the bait.  

On the freshwater side, now is the time when the great numbers of bass can be caught.  The shad are making their runs towards the backs of coves and creeks; therefore, the bass will follow.  Never forget that creeks are like highways for bass.  You add on top of that the abundance of baitfish and you have a recipe for some tremendous fishing.  Since you know that the bass are feeding on the shad, make sure to use a bait that resembles the prey they are after.  Rat'L Traps work great, as well as, spinner baits in white with chrome blades.  If you do not find fish right away, stick with it and keep searching for the concentrations.  Once you get on the fish, you should be able to catch quite a few at the same spot.  Once that location dries up, keep hunting.  They are in the area, it just takes a little effort to find the next group.

No matter what you are fishing for, this time of year is provides a bounty for the Texas angler.  Enjoy the cooler weather and most of all, enjoy your time fishing.  

Mike -- webmaster/editor

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