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Fishing News: 03/01/02

      Talk about pushing some fish, how about that cold snap we had back on Tuesday night...  I know at my house in North Texas it got down to 11.1 degrees F.  I can only imagine that the water temps have dropped tremendously over the last couple of days and with the impending cold weather this weekend it will do nothing but get colder.  I was supposed to be on the water this Sunday but since the high for the day was called to be below freezing I decided that on the water is not where I want to be -- rare to hear that from me...  Anyway, if you have plans to be on the water this weekend, my suggestion for all freshwater fish is to look for staging grounds out around 8 - 10 foot of water.  Look for Bass on the edges of flats adjacent to spawning flats.  The sand bass (white bass) should be staging up around the mouths of creeks preparing for the annual run.  Stripers and hybrids might actually be great fishing this weekend -- look for the birds.  No matter what fish you go for, just be careful out there.  It is entirely too cold to find yourself falling in the water.  It happens to the most cautious when you least expect it -- be safe. 

      Do you like flounder?  Well now is the time to hit the passes and channels.  It is time once again for the annual spring flounder migration back into the bays.  Look for flounder to be plentiful around the mouths of inlets, and along the channel edges.  If you like to fish the jetties, this is a great time to catch some flounder.  No boat needed...  Rumor has it that Wolfe Island is a great place this time of year to catch some flatfish.  I am sure that Rollover Pass and San Luis Pass will be producing as well.  The best times for catching spring flounder will be on the incoming tide.  When the water is moving swiftly, look for eddies or slack water where the smaller baitfish get caught up and the flounder just hang out for an easy meal.  Fishing should be good with either live bait or artificial.  Shad will probably work the best, but mud minnows are always a safe bet for flounder.

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