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4/03/03 Go Fishing

Here we are in the heat of the spring spawn for most freshwater species of fish.  I could write about chasing sandies in the creeks, or there is always the crappie moving up into the shallow shorelines.  Then there is the spring spawn of the largemouth bass to be explored.  I can't make a decision on which one I am going to go fishing for this weekend, so I will not made a decision on this article until the weekend and I get a chance to hit the lake.

So, to keep it short... GO FISHING...  People are telling me that they are catching crappie from the shorelines of most North Texas lakes, others are telling me that the sandies are up the creeks and they are wearing them out.  Right now is the time to just go fishing -- with or without a boat.  Load up the nearest kid that has some interest and get them hooked for life.  Grab shiners if you have to, but just get out and fish.  Remember to keep only what you will consume and if the hook is deep, cut the line and re-tie.  If you are releasing the fish, it stands a much better chance of surviving.

Have fun and I will write more after I can make up my mind on what to go for...

Mike -- webmaster/editor

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