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9/11/02 A Tribute To The Fallen

I usually put some type of advice or story in this section of the web page, but tonight I can only seem to muster up one topic -- the terrorist attacks that happened 1 year ago today.  Tonight's I feel like writing a commentary on what I have witnessed over the last year in my little corner of the world.

The day of the tragic events, I found myself shedding tears for people I have never met.  I found myself glued to the television hoping to see survivors being pulled from the rubble and looking for answers to why it had to be.  As everyone knows, there were very few survivors and the reason why terrorists attacked us is one that I will never comprehend.  It was a total and complete disregard for human life.  I will probably never fully be able to swallow how someone can be so inhumane.  I have since given up the effort to "put myself in their shoes" and understand their hatred for the United States.  All I know is that my Christian upbringing is difficult to maintain when I think about these terrorists.

On another note though, driving into work this morning I remembered the overwhelming number of American flags that had been displayed on almost every vehicle I would encounter on the forty mile drive to and from work.  I couldn't help but notice how few of them were still being displayed.  What happened to all the flags?  Why did they take them off?  Were we only proud in those fleeting moments following the tragic events?  Have we lost our support for this country that we call home?  This land that so many have died in order for us to have the lives we have now, are we not thankful for their sacrifices?  I just do not understand what happened.  It certainly cannot be the cost of the window sticker of a 3x5 inch flag is to great a price to pay -- $1.00 donation.  Ok, maybe some of the less quality print jobs could have faded and they needed to be removed.  So what....  Buy another one...  My wife attributed it to the number of vehicles that have been purchased with the great 0% interest incentives.  "People have bought new cars." she stated.  I replied, "So what!"  It is that hard to buy a new sticker?  We bought a new truck and the new truck has a flag displayed in the same location as the other one did.  

I just cannot understand how someone can feel so strong about being an American one week and then just stop.  We can never forget about what happened one year ago today.  We can never loose the unity that was generated from these tragic events.  We must show the world that we are one nation and we do care.  Patriotism is not something that we should only show around our buddies.  If we are truly proud to be an American, then let everyone know it.  Put that flag back up in the yard, get those stickers back on the cars and trucks, and never forget.

God Bless America...  Thanks,

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