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9/22/02 Fall Crappie Fishing

As the hot days yield their scorching rays to the more tranquil pleasant temperatures of fall filling the breeze, another summer has past.  Now it is time for us to focus our attention on the fall fishing patterns.  As the spring has it's specific patterns for fishing, so does the fall.  There are numerous different fish in our Texas waters to chase, but one that tend to get little attention is the fall movement of the crappie.

In the cooling temperatures and shortening days, the shad begin to make a migration to the shallower coves and up the creeks.  Of course, when the shad move, so do the predators that feed on them.  Once a few little cold fronts have passed through the area and the water temperatures begin to fall, the fishing should improve.  Most of the time, these migrant crappie will leave their deep water haunts and follow the baitfish.  Look for them to concentrate in the creeks, running the shad up towards the mouths.  

It is best if you can get over the creek out in the middle of the coves and then work towards the mouth with either minnows or jigs until you find the fish.  Once you find the fish, you should be able to catch several.  When that source dries up, simply move on until you find another group.  Sometimes, for those with more patience, once you find the creek all you need to do is sit and wait.  The crappie will come through eventually.  Then are cruising the creek in search of food.  They will not stay long, but be patient because another school will wander through.  Heck, for all I know the same school simply comes back by.

At any rate, the fall is a great time to catch some crappie.  If nothing else, it is a great excuse to get out on the water.  Have fun, and take a kid with you if you get a chance to.

Mike -- webmaster/editor

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