Gear Type: Fishing Reel
Made By: Shimano
Model Number: CU100B

I bought a new Curado CU 100B a few weeks ago and have had the opportunity to fish with it a few times.  I have always been a fan of the Curado reels, but they just were not comfortable for extended periods of casting and reeling.  My hands are just too small to palm the standard CU200B style; therefore, I just used mine for Carolina rigging or pitching jigs.  Well, I personally think that Shimano hit the jackpot with this little gem -- the CU100B.  It has all the great features of the standard Curado 200 series, with one major improvement -- size.  This little reel is slightly smaller, but packs all the punch that the 200 series packs.  Another improvement made to this series is the casting brake magnet cover.  This one, unlike the older 200 models, stays attached when you open the cover to adjust the casting brake system.  This, as you can imagine, makes it a lot easier to adjust the casting brakes.  I have been fishing this setup for 4 weeks now and I have been able to land at least 25 bass with it.  One of those was a nice little 2.5 pounder that I had to pull through the buck brush to get her to the shore.  Another thing I love about this reel is it's ease of casting.  I can cast a 1/8 oz spinner bait against the wind a good 30 yards without a single backlash.  Casting soft plastics has been very easy also.  Of course, some of the casting ease is aided by the rod I have the reel placed on.  But of all the reels I have, this one is my favorite.  I will be buying a few more of these.