Gear Type: Fishing Rod
Made By: St. Croix
Model Number: PC60MF

I never thought I would do it, but I bought a St. Criox to go under my new Curado 100B.  I wanted a bass rod that would allow me to cast light baits and be comfortable as my primary fishing rod.  Well, this little fella has filled the bill much better than I thought it could.  I fish 15 pound test on this rod and the castability and sensitivity are tremendous.  I have landed several fish with this rod on a variation of lures -- tiny traps, 1/8 oz spinner baits, 1/8 oz buzz baits, weightless soft plastics, and split-shot lizards.  I am able to cast extremely accurate with this rod and I can feel every little bump or tap that happens with my lure.  It even has the backbone to horse fish out of the grass.  I am very impressed with the performance I have obtained from this rod so far and I will continue to fish it for quite some time.  This is not one of the more expensive St. Criox rods, but it is definitely worth the money.