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Hayden Hirschey age 8 w/ first 3 lb bass

Capt. Mike Segall's happy customers

Rico Sanchez - A Calaveras Lake Brute -- 40" - 19 lbs

Rico Sanchez -- Braunig Red, 36" - 19 lbs

Picou's biggest bass for 2008 -- 9.2 lb Fork toad

14 yr old Sam Ellis with his 12 lb trophy

Bobby Jacobs with some great Ray Hubbard fish

12 yr old Austin Schlather with a coastal grand slam while fishing with Captain Rhett Price -- Trout, Red, Flounder.

Austin Schlather with a 2-fer on a single cast.  While he was fighting the first red the 2nd got tangled in the line.

Big kingfish caught with my brother Dean Aug. 2, 2007

Dean's biggest kingfish for the day Aug. 2, 2007

Buddy Sheppard's biggest fish to date -- Aug. 2, 2007

Cody Jackson (age 9) with a nice Lake Raven lunker -- June 1, 2007

Rebecca Saxon with a 12.66 lb beauty from Choke Canyon -- March 2007

Nice fish from Dennis -- March 04 - Lake Palestine - 6lbs 10oz

Richard & Michele at Lake Palestine during IBC tournament 2006

Richard & Michele at Lake-X during IBC tournament 2006

Richard with the fish that won him a trip to Lake El' Salto during the 2006 BASS Weekend Series on Richland Chambers
bass2x.jpg (18740 bytes)
Mike ( site owner)
This is my largest bass to date -- 11.36 lbs.  She came in April '00 on a split-shot grn pumpkin lizard.  Released for another day -- replica on wall
senko_bass_1a.JPG (26587 bytes)
This was a 6.7 pounder from Fork April '04 caught on a black tiki stick 
fork_042504-4.8.jpg (35737 bytes)
This is a 4.8 pounder out of Fork on a June Bug senko in April '04
senko_bass_2.JPG (30737 bytes)
Another April '04 bass on a black tiki stick from Fork
8.4pnd_bass.jpg (23202 bytes)
A beautiful 8.4 lb lunker caught again on the split-shot lizard in April '01
9.7pnd_bass.jpg (13633 bytes)
3/17/01 a wonderful 9.75 lbs and she too came on a split-shot lizard.
fork-03_6.5-bass.jpg (22974 bytes)
This is a 6.5 pounder caught on Fork March '03
matt_7_bass.jpg (95587 bytes)
This was a nice 7 pounder caught by Matt
matt_6.8_bass.jpg (115001 bytes)
Here's Matt with a 6.8 pounder
mikebass.jpg (11514 bytes)
March '03 bass from Lake Fork on a white crank bait
skeeter tournament 001.jpg (246043 bytes)
The day before the 2003 Skeeter Tourney at Lake Fork -- gettin ready...
skeeter tournament 007.jpg (359400 bytes)
During the 2003 Skeeter Tourney on Lake Fork -- Darn Slot Fish

Jeff & son Brock w/ 15 lb blue catfish from Lavon

Rico Sanchez after a day with the family at Braunig -- August 2008

Dennis Hastings -- Brady Branch

Dennis Hastings -- Brady Branch

Richard Osborn with a 10 pound monster from Tyler -- new PB...

The Picou girls after an evening of crappie fishing on Lake Bonham

Kristi Mathews with a great OH Ivie 10 pounder

Charles with a great Lake Fork bass while fishing with Jimmy Everett

Charles and Mike on Fork while fishing with guide Jimmy Everett

Mike on Fork while fishing with guide Jimmy Everett

Michele Osborn with a great Lake Fork bass

Mike Picou with a great Fork bass caught on my new Hendrix Rods 782

Yours truly with a great night time bass on Lake Fork in March, 2007

Bryan Jones with a great 13 pounder from Choke Canyon -- March 2007

Dennis (aka: Basshunter) with some Lake O' The Pines fish

Dennis with a Bob Sandlin weigher

Part of a Lake Caroline 19.06 stringer

Basshunter's Lake Fork wall hanger (10-04)

Martin Hernandez with some great Playa Lakes catfish from around Lubbock, Tx.
bluecat_bass.jpg (53150 bytes)
A pair of beautiful Sam Rayburn bass from "Bluecat"
flounder.jpg (31774 bytes)
Here is a nice night of flounder giggin from 9/18/01
The largest fish was about 19" -- I love St. Luis Pass...
red_flounder2.jpg (33582 bytes)
I got these the same week I as the previous pic.  The Red and largest flounder went 21".  The 4 flounder on the end were giggin, the others on rod/reel under the lights
catfish_6.0.gif (415817 bytes)
This was a great little Monticello 6 pound catfish
taken on a black/red flake lizard in February.
Brandon1.jpg (44312 bytes)
Brandon Moss with his '03 Fork share lunker entry
bobscatfish2.jpg (12946 bytes)
An 8.2 lb catfish from a private pond on a zara-pup
pondbass2.jpg (17260 bytes)
A 7.5 pound private pond bass on zara pup
cecilbass2.jpg (21225 bytes)
Another Lake Fork lunker... Feb. '03 on a lizard
cecilbass3.jpg (12829 bytes)
A March '03 Fork 3 pounder